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Brush Care & Maintenance

If you take good care of your brush it will take good care of you! It is possible to drastically extend the life of your brush by taking just these few simple steps after each shave:

  1. Rinse the brush under warm water until it runs clear of any soap residue.
  2. Shake the excess water out of the brush and dab on a towel to break up clumps and separate the hairs somewhat. This will encourage faster drying time.
  3. Hang the brush upside down with bristles facing downward so that the gravity naturally takes the moisture away from the brush. Leaving the brush on it's base with bristles facing upward will eventually cause the adhesive in the knot to deteriorate and hairs will start falling out at a faster rate. Trapped moisture could also cause damage to the finish on the handle as well.

This small commitment to your brush will ensure a long happy life together. Even the guy with a strong commitment aversion can handle this! We've got you covered.....check out our versatile selection of shave stands.

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Breaking in your new brush:

We are proud to say that our Parker brushes are made with hand tied knots. This attention to detail is what makes Parker brushes of such high quality. Each brush carries several thousand hairs per knot. Inevitably, there will be some loosely glued hairs that will work out of the brush. It is perfectly normal for all brushes (and a few men) to shed a few hairs to some degree during the first few weeks of use. This normal shedding should be of no concern because it won't be significant enough to affect the brushes performance. This will subside after approximately 10-20 shaves.

Over time, your brush will start to develop split ends due to repeated lathering against abrasive stubble and normal wear and tear. This might sound like trouble, but actually this may have you falling in love with your brush like a favorite pair of jeans! A finer texture is the result of the split ends so it is softer and has a more supple response against the skin. Some shave enthusiasts don't consider their brush broke in until the ends start to spilt!

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