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Create A Lather

To create an amazing lather start by filling your shave bowl with warm water. Then, submerge the brush and let it soak for a few minutes. This crucial first step allows the brush to absorb the water and heat. Heat is helpful in opening the pores of the skin and softening the beard while water is necessary to mix with the soap for the ability to work it into a lather. Once, your brush is adequately saturated take it out and shake off the excess water. Don't dry it too much because most of the moisture is needed. Dump the rest of the water out of the bowl leaving behind just a little bit in the very bottom or refresh this with new water.

Create the perfect lather for a perfect shaving experience

Now your brush is ready to mingle with the shave soap! Take your brush and drag it along your shave soap canister back and forth a few times. You may also want to swirl the brush into the soap. Whatever it takes to pick up enough soap in the brush to be workable. It may take a little experimentation to determine the amount of soap you prefer.

Whipping up a lather of shaving soap using a shaving brush

You now have heat, water, and soap in your is ready for a good whipping! At this point, go back to your shave bowl and utilize the little bit of water left in the bowl to help your brush slide smoothly around the bowl in a circular motion. You may also use a back and forth motion. Get some momentum going because the idea is to whip air into the soap mixture! You will see as you are working it, the lather will start to foam up and grow. Feel free to add more water or soap at any point if needed. This is your lather and as such you should create it for your specific liking. How soft and fluffy are you feeling? This is your shave experience so make it an enjoyable one!

How to get the perfect lather for shaving

The Shave Shoppe private label Gentleman soaps pair nicely with all our Parker shave brushes and bowls. Our soaps have been formulated to be just the right texture to work ideally as shown above. Some soaps are too hard and some soaps are too runny making it hard to control. Choose one of our soaps and your dog days will be long behind's time to become a Gentleman!    

 Achieving the perfect lather with your shave soap is easy!

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