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Face Mapping; Hair Growth Patterns

Ready to take your shave to the next level? Understanding the directional growth patterns of your facial hair will be an absolute game changer in your shaving routine! By utilizing this technique your days of aggravated skin and ingrown hairs will be behind you.

Chances are you were never taught the importance of paying attention to these growth patterns. That's about to change. Take a look at this picture below. We have mapped out different sections of the face where we have demonstrated the growth patterns on our model. As you can see, the hair changes direction often! Why does this matter?

It matters because the best way to get a clean and close shave without causing irritation and razor burn is to understand these patterns, then take the proper steps to rid that hair.

  1. Start by gliding your razor WITH the grain (natural growth direction) of the hair on your first pass.
  2. Next, run the razor ACROSS the grain. In other words, sideways from the natural growth direction.
  3. Last, if you can feel any rough patches remaining or those hairs that are especially coarse feel free to go over those areas one more time AGAINST the grain.

Three passes in the correct direction will be very effective! This is referred to as progressive reduction. There are some guys with softer or less facial hair that can clean up sufficiently with just two passes. We recommend no more than three because each time there is razor to skin contact the potential to inflame the skin increases. This explains why some multiple blade cartridge razors create sensitivity issues for so many men. Also, with a single blade you can maneuver your razor much more efficiently when the growth direction changes.

 Understanding the growth patterns of facial hair

 How do you find out the direction of the growth patterns? The best way to gain an understanding of these patterns is to let your beard grow for 3-5 days much like the model in our picture. At this length you can physically see the directions when you look closely. Also, run your hand along your face and take note of how different it feels when you change directions. Keep in mind growth patterns can be very random. It is very likely you will notice several directional changes. One especially common pattern is hair growing upwards in the neck area. Every face has it's own unique growth patterns!

It might be hard to remember your growth patterns if your beard has only one day of growth making it difficult to feel the direction of the hair. To help with that we've included a face map below that you can print and use as a template to draw arrows for your own growth patterns. It might seem silly, but try taping it up on your mirror and refer back to it while shaving. We are confident that this visual map will be so helpful that after you've done this a few times it will turn into second nature and you will no longer have to think about it. This learning tool will be instrumental to mastering your daily shave!

 Face Mapping; Hair Growth Patterns relevant to shaving

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