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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is wet shaving a better way to shave?

A: Some of the shaving tools that are widely available today such as electric razors or "5 blade" contraptions, etc. have the tendency to irritate the skin more. Razor burn, redness, and ingrown hairs are a result of the skin getting chewed up with numerous repeated contact from several blades passing over the skin. Wet shaving with a single blade allows for better control. Each area of the face will require anywhere from 1-3 passes of blade contact to the skin to eliminate whiskers depending on density, hair growth direction, and texture. With a single blade it is possible to fine tune for the need. We never recommend more than 3 passes of the blade because the skin will likely get irritated. This explains why 4 and 5 blade cartridges are very problematic.

Single blade replacements cost .20 each. Yes, that's right... for just $1.00 you can get 5 blade replacements! Each blade will last for between 5-10 shaves. Compare that to many cartridge razor replacement blades where you will spend $20 or more for the same number of shaves.

Q: Why do you carry only three piece safety razors?

A: I did a lot of research before I bought my first razor. I was initially caught up in the butterfly razor when I started my search. (This is also referred to as a TTO-Twist To Open razor on a lot of sights). I found conflicting reviews on most sights about these razors. Here is  snap-shot of what I found:

Pro- They are easy and quick to open. For some people that clean their blades after each use that comes in handy.

Con-They can suffer from mechanical problems very quickly. 

I made the choice to test this theory for you. I bought two of them and found with about 6 months I started having issues with them not closing right and effecting my shave experience. 

Our goal is to give you the best quality product at the best value and we felt that based off of reviews and my supporting research that the three piece razor was the best product to carry for our customers.   

Q: How do I know when it's time to replace the blade in my safety razor?

A: If the skin is prepared properly for the shave then most blades will get between 5-10 shaves. However, this can vary because every skin type and hair coarseness is different. At any moment you feel even the slightest resistance on your blade switch it with a new one. These blades are so economical there is no reason to try to stretch out the usage. You never want a blade to pull or tug! This is especially important for guys with sensitive skin.

Q: Should I be using a pre-shave oil?

A: There is no right answer for this one. This one is a huge debate in the wet shaving world. It works great for some and doesn't work at all for others.

Here are a couple of things to consider about shave oils. Typically a thin layer is applied to the skin and then topped with lather from the shaving soap. This extra layer of lubrication can be beneficial for people with sensitive skin because it encourages the blade to glide along smooth against the skin, minimizing friction. 

Shave oils don't actually make your hair softer for the shave. It seems softer to the touch, because,....oily. What is does do is hold moisture on your face. Some people require more moisture due to dry skin, while some people don't have that issue. This is why there is so much debate on the benefits. The short answer is that it is strictly a preference. 

We created a shave soap that we feel will give you enough moisture while being slick and protective at the same time. If your skin requires a little extra TLC then a pre-shave oil would be advantageous. Check out our recently released Gentleman's 3 in 1 oil. This pre-shave oil, beard conditioner and general moisturizer was formulated specifically to help in the healing of certain skin issues. Read here to learn more about it.

Q: What type of soap lathers best?

A: Because there are so many soaps on the market we took on the challenge to determine the best one. We experimented with several makes and models. This ultimately led us to formulate our own soap because it is such a crucial part of a proper shave and the wrong soap can really negate the whole experience! Our Gentleman shave soaps lather easy, provide cushion so the blade glides smoothly over the skin and moisturizes for an amazing post shave feel. One Gentleman 4 oz. can of shave soap is highly concentrated and will last for up to 50 shaves. Other soaps will run out faster because they are watered down and lack emollience which leads to skipping and dragging. On the other hand, some soaps have no water and are so hard it makes producing a lather almost impossible. These hard glycerin soaps require extreme rigorous brush manipulation to be workable which is very damaging to your brush. Your face will probably feel roughed up as well because they provide little lubrication for the razor and dry out the skin post shave.

The Shave Shoppe Gentleman soaps are free of synthetic dyes and preservatives.

Q: Whether or not to shave in the shower?

A: The answer is there is no right answer. Feel free to do whatever works best for you. Initially it may be easier to familiarize yourself with the directional growth patterns of your beard and find the correct angle of the razor while standing in front of the mirror at your bathroom sink where the lighting is most likely better. You can move this task to the shower once you are comfortable with all the shaving strokes.

The benefits of shaving:
During your shower- may be a time saver and steam from the warm water helps to open pores.
Before your shower- quick clean up of any bleeding nicks.
After your shower- the pores are still open from the warm steam and the skin is softened.

Q: Why are all your brushes made of badger hair?

A: The structure of badger hair naturally retains water and heat needed to create a rich lather. It has the ideal texture that is sturdy enough to raise the whiskers up from the skin to prep for the shave, but still soft enough to be comfortable. Badger hair is resilient and will last for years if properly cared for. Also, there is an ample supply of responsibly sourced badger hair keeping the cost down for consumers.

Q: All your brushes are badger hair so what is the difference?

A: We offer 3 different grades of badger bristle brushes harvested from different areas of the animal. As you move up the range of bristles the brush texture progressively gets softer and retains more water. 

Q: How is badger hair sourced?

A: Badger hair is almost exclusively imported from Asia. This is due to the fact that badgers have a legally protected status in North America and parts of Europe. Hunting badgers and then later baiting them against dogs historically was a popular blood sport. As the public became more educated on the cruelty of this practice it fell out of favor and political pressure resulted in laws banning the sport and thus protecting the badgers. Their populations are very healthy and in no way endangered. The badger trade in Asia comes with strict environmental controls to ensure that the badger livelihood is not threatened and will remain a sustainable commodity. 

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