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What is wet shaving and why is it better?

What is wet shaving and why is it better?

At one point shaving was just shaving. The term "wet shaving" came to be after the invention of electric shavers. For obvious reasons there is no water involved in the use of an electric shaver. Hence, "wet shaving" was used to distinguish the traditional way of shaving over this modern day invention. These electric razors could save time if you are in a hurry but the guy that really takes pride in his appearance will never be satisfied with the rough feeling result of this less than close shave. Later on other shaving products and gimmicks were introduced to the market that deviated from the classic tools, such as multiple blade cartridge razors that cause irritation and shaving goo from a can that dries the skin. With the addition of these new items for shaving it must be noted that referring to "wet shaving" in today's context is associated with the original tools of shaving...a brush, a good quality concentrated shave soap, and a single blade razor.

These 3 fundamental tools are key to achieving the smoothest shave possible while drastically reducing skin irritation! If you have never been taught the wet shaving techniques you may think of it as very complicated but just the opposite is true. A little investment in effort and tools up front will save significant money and time in the long run and you will get a better quality shave. It's time to ditch those multiple blade cartridge razors and the expensive price tag that comes with them!

Men everywhere have become fed up with these so called modern day "innovations" in shaving that have left their skin razor burned, nicked, raw and aggravated with ingrown hairs.

So what happened? Why has shaving become such a dreadful chore? Why have we taken a step back instead of improving on this daily task?

The answer is greed! The stockholders of large shave companies demanded more profits. So they had to figure out a way to sell you more stuff. How can they do this when what we already had was working great? They hired teams of people to develop new products that force you to continually buy expensive blade replacements. Millions were spent on marketing campaigns to convince us why these products are supposedly better. Unfortunately, this marketing least for awhile. The fast pace of the American lifestyle has lent itself to buying into anything that claims to be a new and improved time saver.

But there has been an awakening, a resurgence if you will in the far superior traditions of wet shaving! The growing amount of websites like ours, blogs, Facebook groups, clubs, etc. are evidence of this and have been quite effective at getting the word out. Latest data has shown that these big household name shaving companies are steadily losing market share.

Take a step back and slow down just a little with us. We will teach you the methods and help you develop the skill to master this form of shaving and become an expert in your own right. Take the time every morning to welcome this grooming ritual as your time to reflect and become more self-aware. Make your shave a non-negotiable time in your schedule to relish in your manhood. It's okay to be selfish for a few moments. Doing so will help you to present your best self to the people in your life that count on you. Give yourself the proper attention to set the stage for the day ahead. Start it feeling clean, refreshed and confident. Shaving should be an enjoyable experience that you look forward to. Join the ranks of the wet shaving enthusiasts that have embraced the manly right of passage that shaving is!

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