Super Badger Black & Chrome Handle Shave Brush

Super Badger Black & Chrome Handle Shave Brush


This Parker Super Badger Bristle Shave Brush is a timeless classic design. Black never goes out of style! The chrome base accents the black as well as adds sturdiness and weight to the brush. It feels balanced and comfortable in the hand.

Super Badger Hair is not as course as Pure Badger, but also not as soft as Silvertip. This is an excellent compromise for the guy that sits on the fence of stiff exfoliation benefits versus supple comfort.

  • Genuine Super Badger Brush- medium stiffness providing a balance between stiffness and softness.
  • Recommended for most skin types.
  • 22 mm Brush Knot densely packed with long loft bristles- effectively holds water needed to whip up a satisfying lather.
  • Handmade with quality.

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