Silvertip Black Handle Shave Brush

Silvertip Black Handle Shave Brush


This Parker Silvertip Badger Bristle Brush has a sleek hourglass design. The handle is light and smooth with a chrome ring to reinforce the knot. This shave brush has a narrow splay due to the fact that the bristles are packed at a higher density by comparison and therefore the brush has more "backbone". If you are a guy looking for a backbone this brush is for you! 

  • 100% Genuine Silvertip Brush- the softest and most comfortable bristles that create the smoothest luxurious lather for a close shave.
  • Ideal for men with sensitive skin.
  • 20 mm Brush Knot densely packed with long loft bristles- provides superior water retention needed for a rich perfect lather. Silvertip holds more water than any other bristle.
  • Handmade with quality. 

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